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Recording is not a big deal!

You may have heard us from the sports court, fitness center, social media, or mouth, anyway, you catch us at the end! We have a whole sports video system to catch your standout performance in sports, exercise, training, and workout.

In short, we are your fans, with an AI camera.

What do we provide...in Sports Court

The fast movement of the ball on the court always stirs up waves among the audience, the subtle changes in the game are worthy to review, timely or after the game. TIKISOKA camera, set up at the sidelines, shoots the entire scene from a semi-aerial perspective. A global, clear view of game is guaranteed!

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5v5 – U7 to U8 teams, 7v7 – U8 to U10 teams, 9v9 – U11 to U12 teams, 11v11 – U13 to U19 teams, senior ages


84 x 50 feet, 94 x 50 feet


36′ court, 60′ court, 78′ full court

We track your workout
as well

Daily workout lies the progress of body. TIKISOKA records your movements in fitness center day by day. Simply turn on the camera to catch your changes.

Client Stories

Recording football games using this sports camera allows me to, from a neutral point, evaluate my strengths and areas for improvement. I can review my performance and analyze movements, positioning, and technique.

Elmer Delacruz

Texas, USA

As I see myself progress over time, my confidence in my abilities grows. It gives me a sense of achievement, motivates me to continue working on my weaknesses, and ultimately, helps me become better. Besides, it is very convenient to carry. I can use it at any court.

Saba Rocha

Bangkok, Thailand

I regularly hits the gym for a workout, I rely on trusty TIKISOKA camera to track my progress, especially during deep squat and press exercises. This innovative device captures high-quality footage that allows me to analyze my form and make necessary adjustments to my technique.

Rehan Coleman


Every game

is extraordinary

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The TIKISOKA camera is a useful way for sports enthusiasts to record their games and gym sessions. With the camera set up in sports courts, users can capture their entire game and highlights. Plus, they can take the camera to the gym to record their progress as they work on their body. 

TIKISOKA's easy-to-use interface makes it simple to download and stream the content when necessary. It is a great investment for anyone looking to capture their sports and fitness journey.